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Date: October 24th 1917
Mother & All

France Oct 24/1917

Dear Mother & All:

Just droping you a few lines to let you know that I am still well & kicking. I have sent wizz-bangs lately because we were out resting & billeted in barns some distance from Y.M.C.A.s & it was difficult to get paper. Had the pleasure of helping some French farmers pull their mangles and believe me we made short work of what would have been a weeks work for the farmer himself. In payment he gave us a light lunch which was sure appreciated even if it was light.

It is beastly sloppy now & it looks as though it doesn't intend to stop raining until next spring. Those top boots you mentioned will sure come in handy this winter & please stick a few eats & smokes as I'm beastly hungry.

Well mother this is all at present. Hoping this finds you all well.

Your Loving Son


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Original Scans