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Date: October 23rd 1916

Broughton Oct 23

Dear Gladys.

Well Gladys here we are landed in a little deserted village on Cape Breton Isl. For the winter. Arrived here on Wed. 18th at about 915 in morning & we expect to spend the winter here. It is some deserter place alright 10 miles from nowhere & 4000 from home. Miners used to live in the hovels which we now occupy but the mine, which is still here, went broke about the time the war began & left the place. The govt. took it over & a battalion was here last winter & we're here this. We have a stove upstairs & down & electric lights (the power is supplied from the old mine) & we have home made [?] & straw mattresses so you see everything is ok except we are in such a punk berg.

We hadn't a bad trip up here except it was so long. The most important even was crossing the Strait of Canso (between Cape Breton Isl & Nova Scotia) from Port Mulgrave to Port Tupper. We crossed on a ferry & they shoved four cars on at a time. It is reported that a German sub. was seen after we crossed but it is only a rumor. The seaside is about five miles from here & they took us down there last Saturday & I had my first duck in salt water. I also saw several seals swimming around about a hundred yards from shore.

It rains most of the time here but much the better as we cant drill.

How goes the studies? Hope you get along o.k.

I must close & shine up for to-morrow morning. Hope this finds you in good health.

Your Loving Bro.


My address is 874936
C.Corp 184th
Via Sidney
Cape Breton Isl.

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