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Date: May 30th 1917
Mother & All

78th Can. B.E.F.

May 30 1917

Dear Mother& All:

Recieved your five letters of Mar. 20, 25, 31, & Apl 7, & 8, yesterday & believe me they were sure welcome. I also recieved one from Bea, Inez, & Mr. Spice. Gee! The fellows were sore when the N.C.O. came in with a bunch of letters & half of them for me but still they are the first since I came out. Inez told me that she had told you she wrote but the reason I did not tell you was because I was being tested to see if I could keep a secret. Some stunt! I did not know why she made me promise that until yesterday. It seems she had an argument with another young lady about my keeping secrets, of course she took my part & won out. I shouldn't really say I but I believe the warm spot you mentioned has grown.

Mr. Spice wrote a fine letter & he certainly is treating me like a brick.

We are out in rest for the present & it is jake. They gave us a swell concert in a field last night 7 it was the best I've heard since I left Canada. The band plays every evening & helps to liven things up. We are having fine weather, as usual, & they gave us a bath to-day & a change of clothing so with all these combined I feel like flying.

Pleased to hear you have a car when I come back I must be allowed to run it as will want to entertain someone.

Dear Mother & Dad I am always thinking of you & home & write everytime I have a chance, more so since I came over here. We don't have a very pleasant time of it, but we are here for a good cause & well & are winning out. France is a beautiful country were it is not hit & even that is picturesque. It certainly will be glory be when I return & mother, I know you will find me a much better boy than you found me befor I left.

Cook house is on so must close for the parade also have to answer two long letters from Inez.

I'm quite well hoping you the same.

Your Loving Son


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