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Date: June 4th 1916

Camp Hughes June 4 1916
Roy Co'y C B'tn 184

Dear Mother:

Just about settled down in camp after a weeks beastly hard work. We have 1400 men in our bunch in 160 tents. They sent a bunch of us (100) including myself, out as an advance party & we work night & day for two days putting up the camp for the Battalion. We had Church service among the hill this morning & 15000 men attended (some church eh! I don't mind, Swell or Camp Hughes as it is now called, so much after all of course it is as they said rather sandy & [?] your eats, your eyes etc. are full. The average man is supposed to eat 1 pound of sand a day. But for all of that it is healthy. I sleep in the sand with 1 blanket underneath & 2 on top, get up at 5.30 & go to bed at 10 after roll call. Bunches of soldiers are coming in all the time & they expect to have 25000 here this summer. They transferring a bunch of us to some other Battalion but I don't' know what it will be yet. Will be able to send some money home this summer because out here we havn't such an awful lot to spend it on.

When you write say how every body is & address it. Me, Regimental No. 874936. No. 12 Platoon, C. Company. 184th Batallion Camp Hughes. Mon. Its not much of an address is it. Just covers the envelope.

Saw Bert Elifson in camp & am looking up Cliff McCormick but he is in Brampton on a holiday just at present. Will up Ada Croley's husband in the 203rd some of these days. The fellow is cutting cheese for supper next to me & of course he slips me a piece in the side now & again. The YMCA gives us this paper, free, so you see we are pretty well looked after.

News has run out, be sure & get my correct address & write soon.

Your Loving Son


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