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Date: July 14th 1917
Mother & Dad

France July 14/17

Dear Mother & Dad:-

Just recieved two parcels from you & one from Gladys & every thing was so good that I'm affraid I have ate more than what is good for me. I hope Gladys will accept this letter as a reply to her's as well as your own. I replied to Ralph's last night so will thank him & Wilf for the chocolate & gum now. Recieved a letter from Grandma Limonite & Aunt Maude yesterday & answered both. Aunt Maud sure seems to be enjoying herself on the farm. Say, this John I hear so much about must be some guy. Bea's mentions nothing else & Aunt Maude puts in a good word also. Gee! I'm anxious to meet him.

So Wilf is in the band at last. Well I hope he makes out well & if he has to join the army he wants to make a stab at getting in the band there & if he should ever get this far, he wants to bring his instrument with him for it almost means a "Bomb proof".

We are out resting at present & have been since I wrote last. Have had the fair time I expected. Concerts or movies have been given in the Y.M.C.A. hut every evening and all have been swell. We had an afternoon & evening of sports a few days ago. Racing, jumping, foot & base ball & the unit I'm in took fifty per cent of the prizes (first I mean) & three other units took part so we did the best of any. I suppose you saw that Holston & Sherrock joined this unit, well I saw the former several times since we came out & had a chat on old times. Tell Gladys that the price she enclosed entitled "Don't worry" sure is good & quite correct. It's the real thing although I havn't seen the fellow that didn't out here.

Awful sorry to here that you are not getting my mail as I write every week & sometimes oftener.

We are having pretty fair weather out here with just an occasional shower. I suppose the rain you are getting is not doing the crops any harm. I hear that things a looking bad in Manitoba, all the fellows are wondering what the crops will be at home.

Well Mother news has run out so will close. Am quite well & hope you all are likewise. Your Loving Son.


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