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Date: January 12th 1917
Mother & All

"D" Company 34th Bat.
Sussex Eng.

Jan 12 1917

Dear Mother & All:-

We recieved our pay today so I am droping a few lines of the little news I have managed to scrape up. I know you will excuse me for not writing sooner after you read my letter I mailed a couple of days ago. Really I am so discusted with this business I don't feal like writing or doing anything but I suppose I have no one to blame but myself. You can see & am in a very sulky mood but I can't help it. Have been unable to get a pass lately, not even a midnight so I decided to take me a few days ago. An other fellow, Arthur Langley, and myself went to a town about five miles from here & stayed over night, in the morning we just got outside the hotel & we were arrested for being absent without leave, which is one of the worse crimes over here. We intended going back the night before but missed our last train. However we were brought back under escort & were tried by the Colonel the next morning. He find us $4.00 each and two days confined to camp. As a result of this I received 10s or $2.50 pay this payday. But here I am bothering you with my petty trouble which I should not do but I had to get it off my mind some how.

I suppose Wilf has made another hit with Margrette, lucky dog. But he wants to write & get the habit or he will be as bad as I when he leaves home.

Heard from Mable Kay & just replied. She is sending a box which will sure be welcome. I believe I forgot to mention Ralphs puzzle in my last but tell him the fellows & myself are having some time to work it out. Have not yet heard from Cliff since he has left but can but he is enjoying himself. It still manages to keep wet & cold over here but I am patiently waiting for a change.

Well Mother as the stream of news has ceased to flow I must close.

Hoping this finds all well

I am

Your Loving Son.


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