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Date: January 9th 1917
Mother & All

D Company Bat. 34th

Jan 9. 1917

Dear Mother & All:-

Please excuse writing sooner but as I have been broke for two weeks I havn't been able to raise even the price of a stamp.

Recieved the Onwards to-day & your parcel & a parcel from the J.S. & one from the I.O.D.E., all where exceedingly good but did not last long as the fellows won't let you alone until you have divided them all even the papers. I wish you thank both the J.S. & I.O.D.E. for theirs, for me as I don't quite know how to put it on paper. Several of the fellows have been claimed by their people & gone back to Canada & I am sure you could do the same if you were to write to the Canadian Head Quarters, London, for I sure know I am doing my country more harm than good by staying here.

I say, if dad has any spare cash, say fifteen or twenty, floating around, I would like a bit to go on pass to London with as we don't get enough hear to last a day.

Cliff Mc. Has gone to London to work in the record office, "Lucky Dog". Well Mother as I have been staying in my hut lately news is short.

Hoping this finds all as well as it leaves me.

I remain

Your Loving Son


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Original Scans