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Date: February 15th 1917
Mother & Dad


Feb 15/17

Dear Mother & Dad:-

Your long expected letter recieved to-day. Pleased to hear that you & Dad are enjoying yourselves. I wouldn't like to disappoint you, Mother, but I'm afraid that their won't be a Sargeant Armstrong as I am a bit too young to hold a position like that. It takes men to keep discipline with a bunch of men & don't see how I could crime other fellows when I detest it so much myself. Geoff was right when he said that he & I had taken command of squads but it is mearly because they were short of non-commissioned officers. I recieved a letter from Cliff yesterday & it was the first I have heard from him since he left. He is not at Witby Camp in the C.A.S.C. He has had an attack of pneumonia I believe but from his letter I judge that his over it. He says he doesn't like it here as well as here so you see I could strike worse in Eng.

There certainly is a lot of women & girls over here which a soldier can easily meet by saying "Good-night", when they pass them on the street but to speak milde, I detest them. I have met one or two who are a bit respectable but our acquaintance did not last long as they looked for some other who could amuse them in the ways they wish. It sure is amusing to read the letters which some of the fellows get from London & places. They are full of slush. Probably the poor girls mean what they say but it seems rather peculiar when they have only known one another for a period of two or three days. None that I have seen so far have capture my heart & none that seem to wish to. Well Mother I am just puting this nonsense in to help fill up but never-the-less it is true. I have recieved both of your parcels. I havn't the least idea what they intend doing with this bunch at present.

Am still in quaranteen & enjoying it.

Hoping all are well

I remain

Your Loving Son


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