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Date: December 27th 1916
Mother & All

D Company 34th Bat.
Sussex Eng.

Dec 27 1916

Dear Mother & All:-

Recieved the parcel & letters yesterday & they sure helped to make it look more like Christmas in this beastly camp. Take it from me a lot of fellows do not appreciate their homes half enough in Saltcoats but they want to spend a time in this country especially Xmas & then they will realize that there is "no place like home". Perhaps this will make you think that I am home sick but I am not got quite that far yet although at times I often wish I was in Dear old Canada. I was chosen with thirty others from this battalion to go to Worthing, a fair sized town about 5 mi. from here, to a party that the ladies had arranged for us. They had quite a spread in the Connaught Hall & afterwards they gave a concert which was sure worth hearing. One of the ladies invited me to her home anytime I wish to go & I sure am going as, well, she has a swell looking daughter.

They are not giving us bad food here in fact it is very good at times.

Say that watch is a beaut & tell Ralph I sure like the game he sent & it helps to pass away a good many lonesome hours. I do wish I could have sent something to him & the rest of you but as I am only getting half pay & every thing is so dear over hear I could not manage but I hope to bring some for all of you. They papers I signed in Canada did not concern my pay as I thought & I did not find out until it was too late to signed anything over to you in Canada. I consulted our paymaster about it over here & he said that I would be advisable not to sign it over now as it so often goes astray. I shall get the remainder of my pay when they are through with me. We are getting awful slopy weather over here. In fact it is so muddy we cant drill in the square.

You want to look out or you will be related to the Hawkin's before long. Tell Wilf I won't write to him until he writes to me & if he wants hear how his little brother is getting along he had better.

Well Mother I was a party at Worthings last night & am rather tired but had a swell time. Must mention that I have learned to roller skate & it's the only thing. Must close wishing all a Happy New Year.

Your Loving Son.


P.S. have not yet recieved Glady's Parcel.


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