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Date: December 14th 1916

D Company 34th Bat.
Sussex Eng.

Dec.14 1916

Dear Bea:-

Recieved your letter dated Oct.28th - 16. yesterday, so you see what a beastly long time they are coming, I am going to address this one to Saltcoals as you will likely be there when it arrives. Well, Bea, we are going to have another move soon, but where to I havn't heard yet. We had a medical exam today & I passed as fit as usual. Some tuff chicken Eh!

Just got back yesterday from a six day leave in London & Northampton & sure had some time. I was the only Canadian there (Northampton) in four days & got a different chicken every night. Some class to this kid where he's not known. Spent two days in London & sure saw some sights. I am not going to try & tell you about them in this letter but when I come back I will take a few days off & tell you about them.

Awful sorry I can't send you a 184th ring but as the 184th is all broken up, even some killed, they make no more of their rings in this country. If I can get a good sauviner ring when we get paid I will send you it.

Have been acting scrubb woman in our canteen to-day & my fingures are so sore I can hardly push a pen & the stream of news has seased to flow so will close. Wishing you a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

I remain.

Your Loving Bro.


P.S. Forgot-Was talking a return guy who knows Bob (something) from Yorkton & he says Bob has a job at the Base in France. Quite Safe.

Send mail c/o Army Post Office. London

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