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Date: December 12th 1916
Mother & Dad

D Company 34th Bat
Sussex Eng.

Dec.12 1916

Dear Mother & Dad:-

Recieved your letters to-day & one from Bea & Gladys & you all complain of me not writing but it looks as though my letters are longer going than yours are coming for I have written quite often since I arrived. I have not yet recieved your parcel yet but will more than welcome when it comes. Have been away on a six day pass & thoroughly enjoyed myself. I went to London for the first day & I went to Northampton & spent Four & then went back to London for the last day. Arrived in London aboat eleven o'clock at night & didn't know a soul, you know what Winnipeg is like, well. London is a thousand times worse. At last I found my way out of the station & when I got out I could do nothing but stand & look around at least I descided to take a walk around the block. I hadn't gone far when a bloke came up & asked me for a match. I gave him one, & then I asked him where I could put up for the night. He asked me to stay with him for the night & of course I hesitated as he was an intire strange but he persuaded me & I went. I will never regret going either. He had a nice flat on Clapham Road about two hours run from the station, in a train or street car. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while I was there & he invited me back after I returned from Northampton & I took no coaxing. Northampton wasn't much of a place to go to but I went through more curiosity than anything as it is a boat manufacturing place & I enjoyed myself there. You mentioned my chum in you letter. He is not with me now as he is nineteen & he stayed at Shorncliffe & will likely be going with a draught to France at any time.

I have heard that some of the 184th boys have been killed already but I don't think it was official. They are moving us boys from here but were too we don't know. It won't be France so don't worry please. The best way to address my letter is "name" #874936, 34th Batt, c/o Army Post Office London, & that will find me no matter where I am. Well, Mother, will close now. Wishing all a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

Your Loving Son.


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