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Date: April 6th 1917
Mother & Dad

Manitoba Reg. Depot:
Upper Dibgate
Shorncliffe Kent
Apl. 6/17

Dear Mother & Dad:-

Thought I would drop you line to let you know that I am well & kicking. Am writing this in office hours as there isn't much doing to-day. We are getting regular summer weather this morning but goodness knows what kind of weather it will be by night. I hear to-day that there is a general mobolization of troops again. They must be doing this stunt to have something to do. The 14th Reserve is leaving to-day for Folkestone for somewhere, nobody knows where. The bunch of casualties that I am with are staying at Lame. You remember the magazines I told you I recieved from a young lady, well. I recieved a box of chocolates from her for my birthday, yesterday. Some chicken, have you guessed who it is? Have made application for leave & will be paraded before the Commander soon & I take it for granted that you wish me the best of luck? I expect to go on leave with a Pte Tyler from Winnipeg & as he has relatives in London I expect to see some of the place.

Say I am getting so fat on this job, doing nothing, that I am beginning to think that physical drill will be the best thing for me. Say, where is Bea now? Haven't heard from her for some time. Is Wilf still going with Miss Hawkins? In your next please tell me what all the young people are doing I would like to know merely for curiosity. Recieved a letter from Gladys. Poor Gladys. I don't know what's going to become of her. She thinks she has been insulted if a young man looks at her. Still she is better like that than like lots of others isn't she?

Havn't been going out much lately as there isn't many place near here worth going to. Was down at Folkestone the night before last & to in a fine show & had a big feed after it. It cost ten shilling so you see how dear food is in this country now. I believe it must be worse than home. They are talking of stoping soldiers from eating at restaurants now as there rations are issued for them in camp. There is a tax on any supper we buy over one shilling & two pence now. I don't know what will happen to this country if the war keeps on. I read this morning where they want 200,000 more men this spring so there is a chance for me yet. Well Mother I have a great appetite & cook house has just gone & I want to be first & news has ended. So we close hoping this finds all in good health.

Your Loving Son


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