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Date: November 30th 1944
Mother & Father

Sat. Nov. 30/44

Dear Folks.

Well here I am at Hawksworths and having a grand time as usual. My leave is almost over so I'll start at the beginning and tell you what's been going on the last two weeks. I believe I explained who Don Sanderson was in my last letter. Well we spent the first day of leave at his station and then hit off for Bournemouth. We met his friend o.k. who just arrived over here and I also met a lot of friends whom I knew when I was there before. We spent five days here and had nice weather strange to say, and then struck off for London. We passed through some of the districts that have been hit by buzz bombs and it's pretty terrific I must say. I'd wake up in the night with the sirens wailing away and then couldn't' sleep till the all clear went. We were only in London two days and stayed at the Dominion Officer's Club so it was fairly easy on the pocket book this time. We went to a theatre called "Blithe Spirit" which was very good-it should be, we payed four bucks each for a seat. I phoned Mrs. Hawksworth and asked if it would be all right if I brought Don and of course she was delighted.

We arrived here last Wed. night and have been in Heaven ever since. The first night Mr. Hawksworth took us down to there Home Guard Canteen. The next day we attended a school swimming sports and Judy got first prize. Anne was also home for a few hours. In the evening Mr. Hawksworth, and another of his friends, Mr. Corns, took us down to an old English Pub were we had a very enjoyable evening. We are going to Mr. Corn's (He's rolling in dough by the way) for dinner tonight. We were out to a friend's house for lunch yesterday and went to an English show last night.

We took some pictures after lunch today as the sun was out for a few seconds. Mrs. Hawksworth showed me two letters she had from you and Judy had one from Marilyn. I also saw the pictures taken on Austin's birthday. They certainly enjoy hearing from you. We are leaving tomorrow and I am wondering what it will be like to get back to work. We are both going back to a hotel in Harewood to spend the last couple of days-To revive old memories you know.

I'm writing this on my knee so excuse the writing.

Love to all,

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