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Date: March 29th 1944

March 29/44

Dear Mother,

Received your letter today written on the 12th. I got my watch o.k. as I explained in my letter to Austin. You seemed to be worried about me but I assure you I am quite confident about myself and can handle everything that comes up. I also received letters from Betty C., Marion Lyne, grandma and 300 cigs. from Ian boyes so have done quite well for the day. We got this P.M. off as the weather is down per usual so will have some time to answer them all.

We have one more day cross-country to do and will then be through with day flying. We expect to get a 48 then and our crew will be going to Birmingham to spend same. E shall be through with our last course in another three weeks and will spend part of my leave with Mrs. Hawksworth and the rest in Edinburgh. It looks as if Walt won't get leave the same time as myself.

I believe I told you in my last letter that we have a new Sargent navigator-our other one has pneumonia so we had to lose him. His name is Paul Hyatt and his family lived in Wadena for six years from 33 to 39. His father was Lutheran minister there but is in Regina now. Paul was in Wadena a couple of times but didn't know anyone from Kelvington.

There was a Canadian stage show here last night called "the Tarmacs". They were very good and really had some good stories as all army shows have.

We are finally beginning to have some good weather here. We get the odd day that the sun really shines-flowers are beginning to bloom and people are beginning to plant in the gardens. Thank goodness spring is coming.

Well Mom this seems like a very short letter, but news is nil around here just now except for that which I can't tell you. By the way, are all my letters censored?

Love to all,

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