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Date: June 21st 1944
Mother & Father


Dear Folks.

Well here I am on 432 Squadron - its the Leaside Squadron and if you have'nt heard much about it in the past you will be in the future. Its very funny how things have turned out. Wally, Sandy and a couple of other boys we all know very well are here, so its going to be some fun in the next few months. I was also very surprised to see Ralph Lawernson here. He has 15 trips so will be here quite a while yet, he's still the same - very quiet.

I'm also very glad to report that Harry has got his commission. so that makes three in the crew. We all got a 48 after finishing at our last station so went in to Leeds to get his uniform etc. We had a grand time although I dont think we will spend any more time there as it is too dirty. This station is only six miles from York so nights that we're not flying I guess you know were we'll be.

This is certainly a bang on Squadron. The best of food and extra rations of everything it seems - and this is not a hint to stop sending parcels. All Canadians here of course so it practically seems like a station in Canada.

I had a letter from you and Laura to-day - the first in two weeks. The invasion must be holding things up I was very glad to get those pictures of my wings parade, I will give one to Mrs. Hawksworth.

We get a weeks leave starting the 11th of July so Scotland here we come. We get a weeks leave every six weeks which isn't bad at all. I'm trying to get some clothing coupons so I can send something home. I was issued my ration when I first arrived over here but used them up too quickly. You need coupons for everything over here.

Well my dear ones I guess thats all for now. News seems very scarce although there is certainly lots of it.



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