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Date: January 24th 1944
Aunt Jean

Mon. Jan. 24/44

Dear Aunt Jean,

I just received your letter written on Dec. 16 and must apologize for not writing sooner. So very sorry to hear that you were in bed with the flu but trust you are over it by now.

I am now up in Scotland and have been since Dec. 28. I'm at an advanced flying unit but should be finished here in another two weeks. Right now we are night flying so our days and nights are reversed. We are supposed to be flying all night but tonight weather is not permitting so we have to attend classes all night and sleep in the day.

The station is not as good as any I have seen in Canada. We have to sleep in tin huts which are very cold and its really cold this time of the year. They are also short of personnel so we haven't any batwomen for us which means we have to do all our own work. I was at Bournemouth for the first ten weeks over here and we didn't do a thing all the time we were there. Thats probably the reason for us being so lazy now. I'm still with the same boys that were at Winnipeg, so that makes it much nicer.

We get each Saturday off so each Friday night we go in to the nearest town and attend a Scottish dance. We dance everything from the highland fling to a tango but have a very nice time. The Scotch people are very nice to us and show us a very god time. They serve us a very nice meal and its possible to get an egg each Saturday at the hotel we stay at. The woman has her own hens. They aren't rationed so much up here as in England so the meals in our own mess are very good considering.

I suppose you know that lucky Dad of mine will be home for the next few months and possibly for good. It will certainly relieve Mother for them to be together again I imagine. I was glad to hear that Mother had gone in to Saskatoon, which would be a nice change for her and the family.

I would certainly like to meet Fred and Russel over here, and will drop them a few lines to try and get in touch with them. We are trying to get a 48 so that we may go into Scotland. It's certainly interesting to see things over here that we used to read about. I also want to spend a week in London-had a few hours there or I should say a night, on our first leave. I received a knitted sweater from the lady we stayed with on leave. She was wonderful to us. They want us to come back again which we hope to do on our next leave.

Well my dear Auntie it's time for our night meal so must close for now. Give my regards to the Sturdy's and aunt Laura I f you see her. Must get a letter away to her and Uncle Austin yet.


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