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Date: January 23rd 1944

Sun. Jan. 23/44

Dear Mother,

We are now supposed to be night flying but tonight it has been scrubbed so we have to go to night classes. It's now 2 A.M. and a good chance to get a letter away to you. Our days and nights have been reversed so when we don't fly we have to go to classes. I'm very tired right now but have to wait till 4 until we can go. I've just finished my evening meal which we have to eat in the airman's mess-I'm really glad that I'm not an airman over in this country.

I received Austin's letter the other day with the newspaper clippings in it-also uncle Austin's letter. I really laughed when it told about the A.O.S. in Winnipeg. You see we have to take Astrol shots with a sextant here for the navigator and there is certainly a lot more to it than turning a few dials and then reading some figures. We also learn how to plot the heavenly bodies and know the position and name of practically every star in the sky.

Was so glad to hear that Marilyn got along so well in her speechmaking. It's unusual that you should have such a smart family, isn't it-ha!ha!

I also received a letter from Milton. He is not driving anymore apparently but is in the transport section and wants to go to Italy. I really must try and see him on my next leave. I also received a letter from Aunt Jean which I must answer right away-besides a lot more.

Will you please tell me if you received the clogs that I sent you-also the receipt for that $5 which I sent in my previous letter.

We should be leaving here in another two weeks and am really hoping we can get on an all Canadian unit. These tea drinking lot kind of get us down at times.

Well mom this seems like a very short note but can hardly keep my yes open any longer. Please give my regards to the folks and also the Cases-must write them also. Is that lucky husband of yours home yet?

All my love (and I do mean all)

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