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Date: February 28th 1944

Feb 28/44

Dear Mother,

Have not written to you for a week, so must get busy at once. Received your letter yesterday dated Feb. 14. The mail is coming over here O.K. but I don't believe it's going home so good, at least by the way you tell the length of time it takes my letters to arrive - and you can't be receiving them by the sound of things.

For the first two weeks we were here we had "intense work in ground school. We are all crewed up now and rarin' to go. I'm really happy about the whole thing. The navigator , wireless operator, and myself half commissions and the pilot and gunner are sarg's. The nav. and myself are the only ones from the west-he lives outside of Edmonton-is married and has two of a family and goes by Bert Munsden. The only one of us who is hooked. The pilot-Harry Britton is from Toronto but still is a good egg. The Wop-Stew Walker , and gunners Bill Hoffman and Bob Dickenson all hale from other parts of Ontario. We pick up our flight engineer at our next station. We start flying tomorrow on "different aircraft" so am really looking forward to it.

I just had a three day leave which we spent in London. Had a very good time but didn't do any sight-seeing as I want to do. Was in my first air raid and was at a dance at the time. Everything goes on as calm as ever. London is a very expensive place to stay-I spent 13 quid or about 60 bucks, everything is so expensive. I phoned Milton twice but he was away for a few days someplace. It seems as if we can't get together. I hope you received my letter about the watch. It's impossible to get it fixed over here so will be sending it home. You can send me the one I talked about tax free all right and registered airmail. I hope it gets here in a hurry as I need it bad.

Here are some answers to your letter. Have not received my Valentine parcel yet but of course I takes quite a while. The chicken Edna sent was wonderful so you can keep on sending that. Have Mrs. Miller and Ian Boyes received my letters yet? I did receive the parcel from the war workers and wrote Mrs. Davidson thanking them for it. Have only received 300 cigs. but hope more will soon be here as I have only 50 left.

Walt and I have been partially separated. He and his crew have moved to another station 6 miles away to do their flying. I had a letter form Johnny Kolohon-he is doing some instructing I believe in something. Am sorry to hear Leon Titoff was lost. How is Mrs. Beaton coming along?

The next time we go into London we will be staying at an officer's club. It's much cheaper and the food is much better. Every time you turn around you have to tip somebody. Our hotel was just a block away from Trafalger sq. and about three from Westminster Abbey. Walt and Sandy went there Sunday morning and saw General Montgomery-as usual I slept in-I always do when possible so I haven't changed in that respect. Sorry that dad only got four months leave-he should kick about it. Give my love to Grandma and Grandpa on their golden anniversary. Say hello to the rest of the folks-must get some letters away to them.

All my love,

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