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Date: February 2nd 1944
Mother & Father

Feb. 2/44

Dear Folks,

Have an hour before going out night flying so must get a letter away to you. This should be our last night of flying on this station if we get the hours in. Should be leaving here in three or four days which we won't be sorry for. We also don't think that there will be any leave.

Was in town last weekend and had a very nice time as usual. They had an auction sale at the dance. I bought a two pound cake for 16S or about 4 bucks. Another of our boys bought a half dozen of eggs for a pound which is nine bucks a dozen-you see how hungry we are for good food.

The sun was actually shining all day today-the first time since we arrived over here. We went for a walk through the bonnie hills and heather and saw what a beautiful country it can be, when the sun shines.

The four of us, Walt, Bill, Sandy and myself went in to the C.O. and asked for a middle east posting. He said if any came in we could probably go but it maybe a couple of months. The living conditions aren't very good I guess, but we might as well see as much of the world as possible.

I suppose dad is home by now and the hatchery will be in full swing very soon. The chicks should really be coming off the assembly line now.

Sandy has just been taking some shots on the moon so I must do the same. It's always so cloudy that we have to take shots when the stars are out.

This seems like a very short letter but it's the best I can do for now.

All my love,

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