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Date: January 1st 1918

War Hospital
Bath England

Jan. 1st 1918

Dear friends,
Well here it is New year's again. And still the war goes on. Well I am having a lot better this time this year than we had last New years day. I received your Xmas box yesterday morning. I tell you we did enjoy it. your Xmas cake was just fine I am going to try the milk coffee for dinner I got your other box when I was in France the one with the mits in. They were in my great coat pocket and they were taken off me at the dressing station But they will probably keep some poor chap his hands warm. And I don't need for any thing while I am here. I was awfully sorry to hear that Ed Kellet has been killed. I know that It makes it all the harder for you dear folks at home wether it is your own or not. You know what it is Mrs. Johns. I am glad to hear that you's bare up well under such sad times. I know that poor Earl wouldn't want you's to grieve for him too much. I must write to Mrs & Mr Kellet. I know that they would appreciate it. And I am sure I owe that much for Ed. Well we had a glorious Xmas day all the good things imaginable, and we are having a Happy New year. Well Mrs Johns I must close for this thanking you for your kindness to me. I remain yours as ever.

Your friend
pte Jackson Woods