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Date: September 30th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Sept 30th/45
Aldershott, England.

Dear Mom

It looks as though I am slipping back into my old rut again. I am going to try and answer some of the questions you have been asking.

The first thing is my points, I have 65 so you can see it will be a while yet before I am on my way home.

You have asked if we can get hot water for drinks, the answer is yes as we have bought an electric hot plate which I might say is busy every evening making toast, tea, soup or anything else that requires heat.

Is coffee rationed, if not could you send some in a box as we can't get it here. The stuff we get in the mess halls if full of chichory. Another thing is those packages of Noodle Soup.

The latest box to arrive is No.38 which arrived in good shape the other day. The contents as usual were very welcome. I don't think I thanked you for the book and the reading material in the last couple of boxes; as it is sure welcome so keep it coming.

The cigarettes from Dad are coming along fine. The latest bunch #L36813 arrived yesterday thanks for them as well.

Now for the latest thing to arrive is the comic books from Pat which arrived today. They are also welcome as just about everyone in camp reads them. Thank you very much Pat.

What we call a "Butter Box" is not a station wagon. They are quite high and look just about like a box with windows all around. I think there is one on the roll of film I have in the camera now so will send it along. I don't think Shirley would enjoy any more than the first as the seats are quite hard and they ride quite rough.

Now for a little local news, our camp is supposed to be moving to Horsham in the next two or three weeks. Is that ever going to be fun, more running around than enough. I can see where my jeep is going to busy. Horsham is about 20 miles S.E. from here.

What has happened to Bill? I can't seem to get hold of him by writing, he doesn't answer. Will you see if somebody can give him a dig from that end, as I have a leave coming up soon and would like to see him.

To finish off I will mention the weather. It has been wet quite a few days lately but for a change it was nice today. We are due for fog any time now.

This is the end of the paper.


We have a kitten in the room and he has been chasing my pen or sleeping on my knee all the time I have been busy writing this.