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Date: September 13th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Sept 13, 1943

Dear Mom:

Here is another letter as usual I am slow in answering.

Well I went to Buffalo as I mentioned and had a grand time. I left here about 8 o'clock Saturday morning and hitch hiked down to the "Falls." They are about 50 miles from here. Arrived at the Falls about eleven and stayed around until about one thirty when we caught a bus for Buffalo and arrived there around three.

The first thing we did was look for a place to stay. We went to the U.S.O. and they told us where we could find a room. It is just as well that we did as if we had waited until later we might not have got a room. We met several fellow[s] on Sunday who could not.

Saturday night we went to a dance at the U.S.O. and I didn't do to[o] badly, and had a good time. On Sunday we wandered around town in [the] afternoon then went to a show. Around 10 we started home. Leaving our trip home that late was almost serious we had forgotten that Monday was a holiday and there were very few cars on the highway but we got back to camp at two o'clock.

My attempt at horse back riding has not come in to being as yet.

You mentioned that you would like a picture of the bunch so I am enclosing one. You also wanted to know if I could get film, well I can get some but not much. Just the same I don't think you will have to send any.

The indicator that dad sent was the one that I wanted and is fine.

If I get a chance it would be nice if I could get down to see Aunt Lydia. As for what it would cost me it would just be the train fare to Gananoque [Ont.]. The fare is about 5 dollars so I think that I could afford that.

I had a letter from Bob yesterday. The one that I sent to him went to Lachine where I sent it, then to Toronto and finally to Montreal.

If Les gets down to Kingston I sure hope that I can see him.

There is a possibility that I may go to Kingston for another part of this course. Then again I may go right back to Halifax. That is after my furlough which I still hope to get from here.

From what you say in your last letter I think that the shorts you mentioned will be fine so pick them up.

In my last letter I mentioned that my watch was still going, I guess I spoke too soon as it has quit all together now.

About Doug & Peggy, I think we might make it from the family. Take the money out of the bank.

Speaking of money will you get Shirley a blazer, I think I can afford it.

When the war bonds are on sale will you get me a $50 one.

I was very pleased to hear of Les' promotion he has sure worked for it.

Well I am running out of news now so I will close now.
Love to all