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Date: November 1st 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Nov 1st/44

Dear Mom:

Well here I am again for the last month I have been very busy. We have only been in camp a few nights. When we are in we have to get our washing done. We have been out on schemes ever since the day I got back from leave. All that we were able to take with us was a change of cloths but we needed about a dozen changes as it has been raining most of the time but we had a lot of fun. We are going out again on the 16th for a couple of weeks again I hope the weather is better then.

I am writing another that will give you the details as to how my leave went. I had a grand time. The first couple of days I was at Torquay then up to Manchester. I would have stayed longer at Torquay but I had made arrangements to meet another fellow in London and go up with him.

I must thank you for my birthday box, it arrived on my birthday the day I came back. Dad's postal note also arrived safely which was also very welcome. The gum from Shirley & Pat also arrived it also is very welcome as we can't get any here and nearly every body you meet asks you if you have any.

I had a letter from Percy Pools which would have been a surprise if you had not told me that he had asked for my address.

I also had a box from Gram with a couple of pairs of socks, some cheese & crackers, some more soap & some raisins.

As far as soap is concerned you don't need to send any as we are issued with a bar every two weeks & what Gram is sending is all that I can use.

I don't know why we are getting all these schemes lately but I guess they know what they are doing. A number of the Light Ack-Ack Regiments have been broken up so I don't know what my chances are of getting out as Ack-Ack.

Gordy Cox is in this camp now, he was a Sarg. but has reverted to a gunner so he could get back to France.

Will write on ordinary letter. Good-bye for now.

Love Ted.

I received 300 cigs before I went on leave but none since. The number of them was L59810. I sure hope that some arrive soon as I don't like the English ones I have to buy.