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Date: May 8th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

May 8, 1943

Dear Mom:

In my last letter I mentioned that I had a sore throat and was going over to see the M.O. Well to make a long story short he said that I had just had the tops taken off my tonsils and that was part of the trouble in my throat. He took my temp. it was 102. So with that he sent me into the hospital. That was last Sunday and today is Saturday and I am still here. The sore throat has been gone since Wed. my temp is normal so I may get out of here tomorrow.

The first part of the week the weather was terrible. I think it can rain here just as hard as it does in Vancouver. The hospital is on the top of a hill and for a couple of days I thought that we were going to float off the hill and into the ocean. It has cleared up now and it is really nice here and do I like to see the ocean again even if it is the Atlantic.

We can see the convoys coming and going by here nearly every day.

There are quite a few planes flying around here most of the time. The boys tell me that I have not missed anything yet. They just review all the stuff we took in basic for the first week or two so I am all right there.

I am just about fed up with hospitals it seems to me that every time I turn around I land in again.

From what I hear of the training we get here I think I am going to enjoy the training very much.

We get on the range firing rifles, revolvers, tommy guns, bren guns, anti-tank guns. I think that is all we fire. We also get out the anti-aircraft guns. But I am supposed to be training to be a driver. I will let you know as much as I can as I get on in the training.

Well nothing much happens around here so I will close now.
Love to all

P.S. did Pat get her letter alright.