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Date: March 11th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

March 11th/45

Dear Mom

I am slipping back into my old rut again of writing just once in a while. It is about 3 weeks since I have done any writing. The last one was the one with the pictures in it which hope you liked.

Well I finished the course by getting into an argument with the officer as to why I was put on it in the first place. The outcome of it all was that I was not supposed to have been on the course at all. I was supposed to have been on a "driver mechanics" course. To make a long story short I am now driving for three weeks after that I don't know what will happen. I don't think that you would have liked me to be doing the job the other course qualified me for that was in an Observation Post. They don't last too long in action.

I have had a lot of fun this last week driving. Last Friday we drove a convoy down to Brighton to see a hockey game. I was driving one of the trucks on the tail end of the convoy and what a wild ride that was. The front of a convoy travels about a steady 25 m.p.h. but the tail end at times may be going any where from 40-60 when they close up to go through a town. If you can drive at that speed on these narrow roads you can drive anywhere. You are going up and down hills and around corners all the time there is very few place were the road is straight here. There are either buildings, stone walls or banks on the sides of the road all the time and then of course there is always the parked cars to worry about. The nuts over here park them every place but right in the centre of the road.

This business of driving on the left of the road is not as hard to get used to as I thought it would be.

Your box #26 arrived safely and as per usual was welcome. There was also some cigarettes from dad.

By the way Bill is in Ardglass N.I. now but I guess you know he is there. He should be coming back soon.

I had a letter from Audrey the other day which I will answer.

This is the end as usual so I will close for now.

Love to all