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Date: March 5th 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Halifax, 5th March /44

Dear Mom:

This is to bring you up to date on my doings not that much has been happening.

The main thing that has happened is that T.S.B. (Trained Soldiers Battery) has been moved back to A23 again. The next thing is that our hut is quarantined for measles. One of the boys caught them & was put in the hospital. The rest of the hut was quarantined for 14 days. All that means is that we have our meals separately & cannot go out of the hut at night. We are kept busy during the day with route marches, lectures on aircraft recognition, tank recce, & P.T.

All this staying in at night keeps up right up to date with our washing, darning & pressing. At the present time I have one hole in my socks to darn, nothing to wash and just pants I have on to press. So now I can spend some time writing I only have 2 more letters to write. Friday I wrote to Aunt Lida & to Gram.

Tomorrow I am going to have a reboard to find out if my category is still the same as when I joined. There may be a change in it now. There is a possibility that it may be higher now. If that is the case I will probably be going over. There is however the chance that the M.O. will think that my arm won't stand the strain. When I find out the results I will let you know it may not be for a week or two though. Myself I think that I can make the grade as my are is much stronger and I have more use of it than when I joined so don't be surprised if I tell you before long that I am going over. The examination is pretty stiff but I think I can make it without any trouble.

Russ Seburn is the only one left now that I was on course with. I don't think that he will be around much longer as he has an ulcer and has been in the hospital but is out now. He will probably be getting his discharge.

March 6th/44

We had a show last night so I will continue today. The show was "Mr. Lucky". It was very good.

I didn't go in for my reboard today but will go in as soon as am out of quarantine.

So Audrey finally had enough, well I hope that she can get a job that she likes. It would be nice if she and Dickie could get together again but it is not likely. It is too bad her trip south did not pan out as yet.

How is Shirley's foot taking the school racket. I sure hope that it does not give her any trouble. She will tire using the crutches I hope she soon can get rid of them.

There is nothing definite on Bob as yet, will you let me know when something turns up. I am gong to write him at home even if I did write him last. It is too bad we could not have got together on our leaves at home. Where is Bill now and will you get me his address.

It is sure swell that Betty could get her holidays while Bob is home. She should be able to get some decent hours at the post office. She has been there long enough.

There is something going on around here but I don't know what it is all the officers and sgts are not around this afternoon. There may be a draft going out before long. I wouldn't be surprised to see them lift our quarantine.

This morning we were out for short march only went about 8 miles. The main reason we didn't go farther was it was very cold & there is a strong wind blowing. The wind is nothing unusual around here as it blows 90% of the time. This afternoon it is starting to thaw again. Last week we were nearly snowed in some of the drifts were 5 & 6 ft. high around the huts. The soon got us busy with shovels and cleared them up. I was shoveling coal one morning last week. In an hour & a half six of us shoveled 5 truck loads. I might say that my arm did not bother me in any way.

Well I will close for now.