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Date: June 28th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

June 28th 1945

Dear Mom:

The last week has passed quite rapidly for me.

To start with last Saturday was the second anniversary of this place so they had a party to celebrate. It started in the afternoon as a so called garden party. All that we did was drink up what beer we could get which wasn't much and sing the rest of the time till supper. The supper was not bad considering the way things are rationed. We had a cold salad as the main dish it even had real eggs in it. After of course came the desert which was much to our surprise ice cream, jelly and chocolate cake. When everyone was busy with desert a birthday or anniversary cake was produced. The Major gave a short speech, the cake was cut and soon eaten.

There was a dance at eight o'clock so everyone got ready to head for that. As for me I laid down on my bed about 7 and didn't wake until nearly 11:30. I was very disappointed as I had planned on going to the dance.

Sunday afternoon 19 of the kids from here went out to a farm to pick berrys. The truck that took us out dropped us in the wrong place and it took us an hour to find the right one. We only worked for an hour and a half and picked 240 lbs. That was not bad as it was black currants. We pooled the berrys and when we were paid we each got two shillings and one penny which we figured was not bad for fooling around as none of us had worked very hard.

I don't know what it was that started it but Monday morning I woke up with a sty. Today it is just about ready to break and with luck it should be gone by Saturday.

By the way I can tell you now that the laundry is in Borden. It is about 6 miles from the old camp I was at which was at Bramshott.

The way things look now I don't think I will be in the army of occupation but will stay here until the laundry closes. That might be any time in the next year & a half. So don't expect me home to soon. If I am lucky I might make it by Christmas.