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Date: June 22nd 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

June 22nd/45

Dear Mom:

I am sitting by the window watching the sun going down and writing a couple of letters. The one I just finished was to Uncle Perce and now one to you. The sun will be down before this is finished.

This morning we woke up to find it raining and kept up all morning, it stopped around dinner time and finally cleared this evening.

Last week end I had hoped to get down to Torquay again but I had to work Saturday afternoon and part of Sunday to that stopped that.

Now I have to say thank-you to you for box 33 and to dad for cigarettes (E57769).

The box arrived in good shape only a few of the graham wafers were broken. The bars along with the tomato juice and apricots and sandwich spread are very welcome. Almost forgot the cheese thanks for that as well. The reading material is sure a help as there is nothing around right now.

Your letter with the pictures & clippings in it arrived today.

The pictures are all good now I know what our dog looks like, he seems to be quite a pooch. Pat has changed quite a bit from the last picture I have of her or maybe it is just the hair-do or something, if she keeps on I won't know her. Oddie & dad are just about the same. The house and yard don't seem to have changed any.

The clippings are interesting, thanks for them. I am sorry to hear of Keith's death. It is too bad I didn't know he was over here as I could have seen him at some time.

I was surprised to see the one of Bill Wellford's' wedding. I know all the boys mentioned but not the girls.

The way things are going now most of the boys that are left are married so I will have to get home soon and see what I can find.

It is time the lights were out so I had better close for now. The way it looks outside now it may rain tomorrow, I hope not.


P.S. Dad's joke book arrived some time ago, in fact I don't know where it is now.