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Date: June 17th 1943
H.J. Loney
Ted Loney

Elkins Barracks
Halifax N.S.
June 17, 1943
Dear Dad:

Well I think that I owe you a letter so here is one.

I am glad to hear that your business [is] good. It is too bad that more of the goods aren't shipped.

You said in your letter that you are thinking of going to Victoria for a few days. I hope that Mother will go with you as the holiday will do her good.

I have not got much time left here about 2 weeks. As far as I know I finish here about the first week of July or maybe the second I don't know as yet. As soon as I find out I will let you know.

I may be able to get a course in fitting when I finish here I hope that I can. There is nothing sure about that yet. If I get the course I may not get home until I finish.

Most of the boys when they finish here get their leave. When they get back here they are sent overseas. One thing that I am fairly sure of is that I will get home before I leave if I do. My leave is due about the middle of July so I should get some when I finish. So I hope to get home around the middle of July.

We had a route march here yesterday morning out all morning. Left camp at 7:30 and didn't get back until about 12. We had 3, 10 minute breaks. There were a lot of boys with sore feet when we got back but mine were alright.

This place is worse than Van. for rain, it rains here about two or three days a week. The sun comes out one day a week just to see if we are still here. It hasn't warmed up much around here yet. The flowers are just starting to come out now. The tulips have been out for about two weeks now.

Last Saturday we were out firing the anti-tank rifle, the tommy gun and the pistol. I was very surprised they are not hard to fire at all in fact I found them quite easy. I hope that we can fire them again some time.

Our training is not very stiff but you have to keep on your toes all the time.

My arm is not giving any trouble at all. This afternoon I was playing baseball. I thought that it might bother it but it didn't so I guess it is going to be alright.

You mentioned in your letter that you thought that you had to be in about a year before you went over, well that is not so. You are sent when you finish your training if they need men with your training.

Will you get mother to send me Bob's address when she can get it.

I must close now as it is almost time for "lights out" 10:15.

If I don't go to bed then I am tired all the next day.

P.S. Hope to see you soon.