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Date: June 11th 1943
Shirley Loney
Ted Loney

Elkins Barracks
June 11, 1943

Dear Shirl

Your letter arrived today and I think that I should answer this one and others. It is some time since I have written to you.

First of all you can have any money that you need. You will have to [have] some things to go to Revelstoke as well as to wear around home.

Well I have about four weeks to go before I finish here. Just what I am going to do when I finish here I do not know as yet. Quite a few of the boys go overseas when they finish. We don't find out until we finish the course. Some of the fellows get other courses. I am going to try and get a fitters course. But I won't find out about that until I am finished. I sure hope that I can make it. The course as far as I know is about 4 months. If I should get it I may not get any leave until I finish. In that case I would not get home until Dec. My leave is due about the middle of July. That is about the time I finish the course.

I would sure like to get home for a few days in the summer.

We are still wearing our battledress but we have been issued with our summer drill. I have the dress tunic with the summer drill, the puttees and shorts.

We wear our coveralls on parade all the time so that we won't get our uniforms dirty working around the guns.

I have been wearing my shorts for about 2 weeks now they are not supposed to be worn on parade but we can wear them under our coveralls if we want to. The only time that we do wear them is for P.T. I was sure glad that I had them on for some of the days are pretty hot but some are pretty cold as well. On the cold days I put a sweater on.

Well it is time for the lights to go out so I will have to close now.

The lights go out as 10:15 and believe it or not I don't have any trouble going to bed at that time. We have to be up at 6. Our beds have to be made, we have to be washed and shaved by 7.

Well good bye for now.