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Date: July 20th 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

July 20th/44

Dear Mom:

Here I am again I have slipped up a little the last couple of weeks.

The first of my parcels arrived on Friday, then on Tuesday the one with my shoes arrived yesterday the box of Dad's cookies etc. So you can see that I am well supplied at present. As yet I have not received any cigarettes but I still have about a pound and a half of pipe tobacco so I am alright. The only catch is if I break my pipe I am sunk.

I had a letter from Ken the other day from France he says that England is 100% better than what he has seen of France. He doesn't think much of sleeping under the trucks. The weather so far has not been all that one likes to sleep out in although it has been better lately. Yes he went over after the invasion started, just when I don't know.

By the time that you get this Shirley will be home again from her trip to Gower Point if she was able to go. I hope that she did as I think that she would like it up there.

Dad mentioned in his letter that Gord had come down to see me. I am sorry that I did not know that he was coming as I could have met him, as the camp that I am in now is only about 20 min. walk from the other.

I am in the district where the flying bombs are but they are all passing over us, so far one or two have dropped near the camp but have done no damage. They sound just like my old motorcycle.

I almost forgot about the C Board so will close for now.

Love Ted

My old money belt is still going strong but I don't get very much to put in it. What I do get is plenty to get along on. I am even saving some just in case I get a leave. I have had no word of my trades test as yet but I hope to get soon. We have been very busy up until this week when things eased off now we are doing a lot of loafing.

Will you please have the Compensation Board send my cheque to bank.

EJ Loney