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Date: January 7th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Jan 7/45

Dear Mom:

Here I am again it is just about as you suggested in your last letter, it is both Gordy & the course that is holding up my letters. We have classes 5 nights a week until 9. Sometimes I wish I had never tackled it. The math is almost too deep for me. It wouldn't be so bad if when they show something they would give it time to sink in. They just keep piling it on. At the present time I am not sure if I will be able to get through the trades test at the end of this, but I hope I do.

We finish the main course on the 27th and go on 9 days leave the 29th. When we come back we have a week on radio to put in before the test. Then two or three weeks driving. That should take until the first part of March.

I had a letter from Bill today, he is in Northampton now. It takes about 4 hours to get up there by train from here. He says that he is getting some leave the end of Jan. as well so I will see him then if nothing goes wrong.

Well Mom the boxes have arrived O.K. 20, 21, 22, 23. The sweater & tie are swell. We have not been able to wear a tie until just before Christmas when that was changed. The gloves are fine and arrived just in time as the ones I have have been darned so many times there isn't much left of them.

I am not sure just where I will be going on my leave but will go to Torquay for a couple of days at least. It will all depend on what arrangements I can make with Bill.

I spend a very quiet Christmas, I had turkey dinner in camp. The turkey consisted of one slice per man, all you could say was that you had some.

Over the weekend I took in 3 different shows.

New Years was also quiet. I saw the New Year in on guard.

As I want my money for leave I have to stay out of the "Pubs". The beer is a shilling a glass (25¢). At the present time I have $65 in my pay book.

Well Mom I must close for now.