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Date: February 21st 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Bedford NS
Feb 21/44

Dear Mom

Your letter arrived last week, as we are going to be moved I waited so that I could send you my new address. At the present time we are supposed to be moved this week to "A23" again. Even if we do you can still send my mail here and it will be sent on to me.

Another thing that I have been told since arriving is that I cannot go overseas with my present category. Now I am waiting for another medical to see if it make[s] any difference.

The only way that I can get over with my resent category is to transfer to the Ordinance Corp. They asked me the other day if I would but I told them no as I don't like the Ordinance. So you can see the way things are lining up I may not be able to go over but as soon as I find out I will let you know. Even if I don't there is plenty that I can do here in Canada. The only thing is that I still hope that if I stay it won't be on this coast.

There is also a possibility that I may be moved to another branch of the Artillery. If that is the case I sure hope that it is Shilo.

Most of the day around here is spent in lectures or on route marches. The roads are covered with ice and snow which make it bad walking. We are out nearly every afternoon and only go 7 or 8 miles which isn't too bad. I wish that the roads were better so that we could go farther. Our officer said the other day that if the weather improves that we would go out for the day instead of just the afternoon. For myself I hope that it does as I don't mind the walking.

Since I arrived here I have only been out of camp twice, the first time was a week ago Sunday when Russ and I went for a walk. The second time was yesterday when I was given a ticket for a show in Halifax. The truck from camp drove us in to the show and back after it was over. The show that was on was "We Dive at Dawn". I had seen it before but did not mind seeing it again as it is a good show.

There are only 4 or 5 of the boys that I was on course with left here the rest have been sent on to Windsor or "A23". Where they go from there I don't know.

The canteen here is not much good. About all it sells is cigarettes & soap & coke. There have been bars only once and they didn't last long.

Would you send me a copy of the Sunday Sun once in a while so I will have some idea of what is going on around town.

There is a change in my address I am in "D troop" now.

Bob had things break his way when he was posted to Jericho, hope that he can stay there for a while. If he has any change in his address could you send it to me or even have him write me.

Will you get something for Pat for her birthday. And wish her many happy returns for me.

We just got word that we are moving tomorrow but were not told where.

By the time this arrives Shirley should be home again. She had better take it easy for a while. Should she get any bright ideas just remind her that she needs two good feet to go dancing, mountain climbing etc.

From your letter I take it that the weather is pretty nice at home now.

The weather has not been too bad around here we have had some snow and a few cold days but on the whole it is fairly decent.

Well I will close for now as soon as I get my new address I will send it in the mean time send the mail here.

Love to all

How did Oddie [sister Audrey] make out on her trip south or did she go? If she did I hope that there were no broken wrists this time.

I am starting to save my money for the next time that I can get home. The next leave that I can get is some time after April but just when I will get it I am not sure I will try for July.