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Date: December 17th 1944
Percy Pools
Ted Loney

K_____ Gnr. Loney EJ
Dec 17/44

Hi Perce

Your very welcome letter arrived some time ago but I have been a little slow in answering it.

I have been over here [since] May and so far the only part of the war that I have seen is the flying-bombs and now the rockets that are coming. They are good things to stay a long ways away from. I have only tangled with them a couple of times in London. Both times they landed about half a mile away just the same I was knocked down. Now if I see or hear them coming I get down first.

The only other part that I see are the planes that fly over the camp & the convoys that drive past heading for the coast.

There is hardly a day or night that there isn't the sound of planes some where around. You get so that you never notice them.

When I came over here I was an anti-aircraft gunner but as there is almost no need for them now I have been transferred to survey.

At the present time I am taking a course that finishes the end of January after which I hope to get into action.

It is at least getting me on a dry bed for most of the winter. The weather here is sure wet. Some times I wonder what keeps this island from sinking.

I don't know who laid out the roads over here who ever it was made quite a mess of the job. For my part I think it must have been a drunk the way they wander around. If you don't know where you are going you have a heck of a time. It is no use asking a civilian as they just don't know. Most of them haven't been out of the town they were born in and don't know the way out. This may sound strange but it is true as I found out for myself.

There is a small village about two miles from camp, the other day on the way down to the village I met an old fellow about 60 who stopped me and asked me how to get there. He was about a mile away. He said he had lived there all his life but had never been out there before.

The only roads that go directly from one place to another are the few that have been built in the last few years.

The houses in the cities are jammed just as tight together as they can get them. You see blocks & blocks of them all the same. I don't know how they can find the right one in the black-out. Although it is not bad now as the black-out has been lifted to some extent.

As yet I have not been able to see Gordon Loney as he is in Belgium with the Engineers. I have written to him several times, he has not written now for a month or two. He has married over here, I have not met his wife yet but hope to as she is in London. As I don't know her address I will have to get it from home.

This is one Christmas that I won't be spending with any of the family. Last year I spent it in Watertown N.Y. with Lida and had a grand time.

When this is all over I hope to be able to get down your way for a visit. I have been all across Canada three times now so I think I would like a trip south.

This will arrive late for Christmas but in time for New Year so I will close by wishing you all Happy New Year.

If all goes well we should all be home by this time next year.

All the Best