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Date: December 15th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney


Dear Mom.

This should have been written a couple of days ago but I did not have time as we have been having exams and they kept me busy studying. The first one that I had we got the results on and I passed that one, the others I don't know about as yet but I think they are OK as I didn't find them hard.

Dad's letter arrived safely with the enclosed money order which was very welcome.

You mentioned the picture well I had it taken around the first of the month. Now I find that I won't be able to get them until about the 20th. That won't be so good as it will be right in the middle of the rush. With some luck Gram's may get to her in time but the one I am sending home may be late but it can't be helped.

By the time that this arrives you will have had to make up your mind about the box but that won't matter as it will be just as nice when ever it arrives.

That letter that was lost turned up here today so I will send it along with this one.

The first thing that I am going to have to do when I get my Christmas leave is head for the nearest bank to get a long "H" form because I will be more than 48 hrs in the States that will spoil the first day.

My pass will be made out from 5 o'clock the night of the 22nd until 06:30 the 28th and I won't be able to get to a bank until the morning of the 23rd.

That will mean that I won't get away until about noon and in doing that I lose nearly a full day.

There has been a real cold snap here since last Friday when the temp. dropped from about 45°[F] above to about 20°[F] below over night. The huts are cold enough without weather that cold. They are steam heated but there seems to be very little steam. The fireman doesn't seem to be any good.

My heavy sweater sure comes in handy.

Shirley is trying to run the school now eh? It must be some of Audrey's tactics it has sure taken her a long to time to start. A fine time to start with so little time left at school.

I sure wish that I was back again. Although I might just as well be with all the work that I have been doing the last few months.

Well I have some cards that I am going to mail in a couple of days.

I will close for now.
Love to all

P.S. Excuse the paper it was all I had and it is too cold to go and get some more.

Enc. Regimental Christmas card.