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Date: April 19th 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

April 19/44

Dear Mom

Here I am again this time with not quite so long a break.

Nothing much has happened lately. At the present time I have the job of runner at the main orderly room. The job is only until I am put on a draft. One thing it keeps me busy and that means a lot as I was getting fed up with the way things were going.

I have no idea as to when or where I will be leaving here. As I think when I do go it will be overseas I am going to see if I can get my 44 furlough as I would like to get home again. I may be able to get an embarkation leave if I can't get the furlough.

You mentioned my hand in your letter, well I was in Halifax for a reboard and had a dozen M.O.s looking at it and trying it out. They all seemed to think that it is OK and said so in the report that they sent in. It still does not bother me in any way. As I have done just about every kind of a job I don't think that it ever will. If it was going to give trouble it would have done so by now.

Shirley's foot will bother her for a while so she had better go easy for a while, not too much jitter bugging and walking.

The box arrived safely and in good condition, thanks very much. The shirt is fine. I have enough to keep me going for a while now. There are the three dress shirts & I have four that I issued with of course, 2 of them are winter shirts that I am not wearing now.

It is a good thing that the weather was bum on Saturday as I was going to go into Halifax and get another pen. The new pen & pencil arrived on Monday. It sure was swell of Dad to send it thanks very much.

Dad says that things have not got off to a very good start so far this year but I guess they will pick up soon.

I am going to write to Bill tonight and if I have time I will write to Bob at home as they can forward it if he has left.

As yet I have not written the Compensation Board but will do that to night as well.

Will you get me another $50 bond as you did before. I am going to get another here as well. The one that I finish paying for this month should arrive next month some time. Let me know when it arrives.

I will close for now.
Love Ted.

PS I am enclosing a couple of verses, hope that you like them.