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Date: September 1916

Sept. 1 Lots of firing, weather fine. Gunner Dunlop shell-shocked.
" 2 Still working on brining up ammunition.
" 3 Big bombardment this morning and Infantry attacked, capturing
Gillemont and Ginchy. Later in day lost Ginchy.
" 4 Worked all day on ammunition.
" 5 Established an O.P. in Savoy trench.
" 6 Fired 100 rounds on Switch trench. Did a shoot on North St., 50
rounds O.P. used was near Longueval Church.
" 7 Did Successful aeroplane shoot on hostile battery.
" 8 Another shoot on hostile battery, 100 rounds.
" 9 Nothing unusual.
" 10 Report that we have to move again.
" 11 Advance party sent to Mauntauban to fix up position.
" 12 Working at new position.
" 13 Moved to Mauntauban, busy al day and night, mounted four guns.
" 14 Registered guns in the morning, Did an aeroplane shoot on hostile battery
150 rounds in afternoon. Saw tank for first time, passed battery at night.
Gunner Bonnell shell-shocked.
" 15 Infantry attacked this morning after 30 min. bombardment. All objectives
taken. Tanks went over and were successful. Lots of prisoners taken.
" 16 Fired 200 rounds into Goudicouet, Lieut. Cunningham slightly wounded
and went down the line.
" 17 Three men wounded. Lots of fireing on different points all day.
" 18 Fairly quiet all day. Firing all night. Lieut. Cunningham has been
evacuated to England.
" 19 Established and O.P. in Switch trench, near High Wood.
" 20 Firing all day on different points.
" 21 Aeroplane shoot on trenches.
" 22 Nothing unusual.
" 23 Enemy shelled around the battery with 5.9.H.V. gun. Most of shells
landed in hourse lines behind us.
" 24 Nothing unusual.
" 25 Report that we are to move again,
" 26 Party of men ent to build a position near Longueval, just north of
Windmill cross roads.
" 27 Working on new position.
" 28 Dismounted No. 1 guns.
" 29 Mounted No. 1 guns in new position, then dismounted No. 2.
" 30 Moved No. 2 gun also to Longueval.