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Date: November 7th 1944

Nov. 7th, 1944

Dear Jim,

If you are still in England, this card is going to reach you about a month too soon but I'm not going to take any chances. Sorry I didn't get any leave before I left so I could see you, but that's the way things go and afterall, you were the one who got leave so regular & you could have come to see me just as well as not: but that's all past now. There's no use harping on it.

I've waited three years to get into an outfit & sure was lucky! I know quite a few of the fellows. Some of them came from home. You wouldn't know them, so it's not much use mentioning their names: but I haven't had any mail for quite awhile and I'm moving around so much, I'll be lucky if it ever catches up!

Did you get your ten days leave as you expected? I wish I could have got mine so I could have seen some of the nicer places in England which you love to talk about. What's the latest news from home? Will now close...Best of luck and Merry Christmas