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Date: August 24th 1943
Mom and Dad

August 24th, 1943
Chatham, NB.

Dear Mom and Dad,

This is only going to be a short note because I want to send it Airmail so you can get it sooner. As you can see from the address, I have arrived at my ‘Air Observer's School' and here begins the hard part of my course. It is the final part, the one that means the most too for if I pass at the end of it, I get my brevy and my commission. After it is over, I do another course of either 5 or ten weeks, depending upon what I am posted to and then, I am ready for overseas or patrol work here. I hope to go Overseas as you know, and also you know why. I haven't had any mail from Mary for over 2 wks. now, I am wondering if she is sick or something. I hope I get some from her soon.

We have been very busy today collecting all our Navigation instruments. We have a whole canvas bag full of them and we look like a gang of plumbers on the march! We are to do 3 wks. ground duty before we start to fly and personally, I can say that that is not gong to be any too much time for me to catch up. From what the fellows say, this is not a very hard course, but there is a heck of a lot in it and you really have to work to get through it in time. There is no fooling around while you are here. Thank Gosh this is in the middle of nowhere, there are no very great disturbances to take your mind off your work. It seems to be a dream station as far as everything else is concerned though. These civilian- run places always are. It was just the same when I was at Ansty.

I have found out that I am definitely going to need a watch of my own. They only issue one between two (we fly in pairs) and the ones they issue are none too accurate. So I might as well buy myself one and save a lot of trouble. Here are the requirements and they must be carried out - or it will be no good.
1. Leather wrist strap, colour, blue, grey or black - not brown
2. Luminous dial with fairly big numerals, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
3. Full sweep luminous second hand (most imp. as we work to seconds on cr/co jaunts)
4. Shock-proof mechanisms (not nec. water-proof but preferably - if procurable)
5. Price, about $45.00....There!

Do you think you could find a watch like that? I hope you can because I am going to need it badly. We only get one 48er per month subject to flying and no leave at the end of the course. We will get 5 days at Christmas. I wonder what I will do with it?
Love to all,