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Date: July 25th 1943
Mom and Dad

July 25th, 1943

Dear Mom and Dad,

I started to write you a letter from the plane this afternoon but my pen ran dry before I finished it so I will have to finish it now. When I came down and got my final score from the plotting office, I found it was much the best one I have yet done. The error was 79 yards which pleases me very much, because the error I have been having is about 155 yards. We have to get two scores below 80 yds. before we can pass out of here, so I guess that counts for one of mine. I hope I can keep all of mine somewhere around that figure. If I can, I should get a half decent average when I come to pass out. My gunnery score is the highest in my class so far, but that doesn't mean a thing. I am finding it very difficult to study though because I was so long away from it all. But once I can get away from this hankering from laziness, I shall be alright.

I had a lot of mail waiting for me when I got back from Toronto - including one from you, so I am answering it. I have also had another letter from the Insurance Agent, so I guess by this time you have paid my policy. If you have, it means that I am paid up for a year in advance. I have made the $3.00 reduction from my pay.

I have just heard a flash over the radio that Mussolini has fallen and Victor Emmanuel and Marshall Bagdolio have been asked to form a new government. Isn't it funny...all the most important announcements and events of this war seem to have happened on a Sunday. I suppose it is because people look for a day of rest on Sunday and therefore, the enemy wishes to surprise them by doing the unexpected on Sunday. Well, you'd never know there was such a thing as Sunday on this station! We work for 10 and then have 2 days off. I don't get my ten days this time because I went to Toronto on special leave.

We had an inspection by the RCAF. Inspector General Air Marshall Godfrey. He was extremely nice. He stopped to talk to me when he saw my Canada badges. He said he had transferred from the Army in the last war himself. So there's hope for me yet!
Must close now.

Love to all as always,


Got Hilary's parcel & Mary's letter OK.