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Date: February 1st 1943

Feb. 1, 1943

Well, I am glad this letter got left over until today for this morning, a letter came from you from Hereford. I wish I had known you were going to be stationed near there. Do you remember Ronald Craig of Lloydminster? Well, his father is Dean of Hereford Cathedral and you might have gone and looked him up if you had known it soon enough. If you ever go back, I do wish you would look him up, for I am sure he would be pleased to see you. That was certainly quite an adventure you had when you wanted a bath and ended up having tea with the Major! How you boys do get around! We enjoyed your letter telling us about it very much indeed.
I hope you received our Christmas parcel long ago. It was sent in plenty of time to reach you before the holidays. Also hope you got my letter telling you it was quite OK. for you to stop the Assigned Pay now.
We woke up to winter again this morning. It rained through the night and must have changed to snow towards morning. It is thawing out and very wet and sloppy underfoot.
We had a little boy visit for awhile this morning. About 10.45 AM. I could hear someone crying and there was a boy about 7 running up and down the road crying with his school books and lunch under his arm. He kept this up for about 15 minutes, just running back and forth in front of our house crying. So finally, I went out and asked him what was wrong. He said he was cold, so I told him to come in and get warm. It turns out his feet were soaking wet, his shoes and stockings and had been so cold in school, the teacher sent him home. He lives somewhere near Corrigan's, about a mile from the school on Scenic Ave. west of Oxford Street. Instead of going home, he just ran up and down the road hoping to get warm I suppose, and getting his feet wetter and wetter all the time. So I dried his stockings and partly dried his shoes and told him to go straight home. Not to go to school again in the wet without rubbers. His Dad is a Sergeant in the Army and is with the RCASC. in Vancouver. They have just come here to live since last August, his name was Jimmy Brown and they used to live in Victoria.
Well, your letter this AM. certainly took a big load off my mind as I really was getting awfully worried about you and as I said before - when we don't hear, my imagination begins to run riot. Will close this letter now and get it off to you as soon as possible.
God keep and guide and guard you at all times is still my constant thought for you and the rest of my boys while we are absent one from the other.
I am pleased to hear you keep in touch with Mrs. Bemrose and others by correspondence. I hope you keep in touch with the Williams family of Anglesley, too. Do you?

Love as always,


I will be sending another parcel in a day or two, so look for it. We are still hoping you will be sent back to Canada. How is the flying coming along? Be sure to let us know if everything is OK. in that line and how you got along with your solo work, etc.