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William Lester Broome

[beginning of letter is missing]

Canadian light horse are first back. In the Straths again. I don't know wether the McQ[?] boys were transferred or not I must go over and see some night soon. The Germans haven't been bombing us latly. I don't know whats happened I guess our air fleet is getting to strong for them I have run across a couple of fellows here that knows the Vances and a few others around Bethune. They wont let any more men in the Flying Core unless they have been out to France I was going to transfer but I was to late [the remainder of the page is missing 1/3 of the page] in the mounted brigade [?] gun section the other day If I have been shoved over here I would have had [?] there. Its at Brighton. It's a three month [?] I don't know what to do about the [?] for Hilda. I'll have it to you but you [?] If you see what [?] does about [?] he pays that. It will likly be to there [?] what they do with it. Well I guess I [?] to stop this scribbling for this time. [?] this will fined youse all well as it [?] In god health so write often as you [?] love to all

Yours Truly for you [?]

William Lester Broome.

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Original Scans