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Date: September 4th 1917
W. L. Broome

# 229368 Pte. L. Broome
Lord, Strathcona's Horse,
Somerset Barracks
Shornecliffe Kent

Sept 4th 1917

Dear Mother: -

Just a few lines to let you know I am well the weather Is fine here again I have two more days to put In at the ranges I don't have the barracks until eleven oclock so I thought I would try and write I am going out to a party In Folkstone tonight I was there before about a month ago and had a big feed I am doing pretty good shooting this time they may pick me for a sniper yesterday I fired sixteen shots at two hundred yards and put twelve of them in the bulls eye and I only had one minute to get them of so If It had of been a germans head he would have got a few holes In It and he wouldn't of had much time to think about It Well mother I got your box and It was fine I wrote to Dad last Saterday I suppose they are starting to thrash out there now Has the conscription called on any of them slakkers at Bethune such as Jim Martin There is more men over here from France on leave then there Is training in England I wish I could get another pass up to London but Its pritty hard to get a pass here when this was Is over I would like to get three months over here before going back to Canada you ask me In your last letter to send you some souvenirs of England I haven't got any to send In this letter but I will get some before writing again. they may write and ask you If your Hilda's guardian If I cant get it at all I thin I can get thirty five dollars any way well Mother I guess I'll have to get ready for that five mile march so Write soon hoping this will fined you all well

I remain your loving son

W. L. Broome

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