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Date: June 19th 1915

Winterfield, North Berwick,
June 19, 1915

Dear Win,

It is now about a month since I have received a letter from across the water, and I feel as though I were at the end of the world. Am having a fairly decent time loafing around here - reading and playing the phonograph and the pianola. I can't take much excercise though, but I have walked to the Post Office a couple of times. But I do go on some great motor drives. On Thursday we went almost to Coldstream on the border, and today we motored into Edinburgh, and I went up to the Castle to be examined by the Medical Board, and as a consequence I may have to stay here for another month or more. as I do little but eat and sleep I am beginning to put on flesh but I am awfully soft - when I say sleep, I mean rest, for half of my nights are spend absolutely wide awake. Insomnia is an awful thing, but I rather enjoyed last night - I sat at my window which faces north, and at no time during the whole night was I unable to read ordinary print. At Midnight the northern sky is quite bright, and in the northern half of the heavens it s as blue and as clear as in the day time. There is no real night at this time of the year in this place. I am longing so for Canada, that I get almost desperate at times. But I am very fortunate to be in this nice, comfortable place than in those awful trenches.

Please write soon to your friend,
Gordon H. Grahame.