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Date: February 18th 1918

Letter from A.O. Lampman
February 18, 1918

My dear Win,

I received your nice letter today and also the tobacco which was most certainly prized. One doesn't see tobacco in such large quantities as that in this country these days and what tobacco you do see costs a fortune to buy it. It was certainly very kind of you to think of me.

I was very much put out to hear about Ken and I do hope that everything will turn out alright for him and that his future career in the Navy will in no way be afected.

I met a college chum of mine, from Bobcaygeon, in London and he told me about Geoff. It is all very terrible but we must bear these sorrows with a strong heart and carry on. Poor Mrs. Hilliard must be awfully heartbroken about it and I sympathise with her with all my heart.

I have lately attained the exalted rank of Lance-Corporal or commonly called Wish Bones, that is to say that I decorate myself with a stripe on each arm so, so. This rank though humble, comes in extremely useful, par example, getting out of fatigues, guards, punishments...etc.

Don't forget to write and tell me all the latest news in Lakefield because Lakefield is nearest to my heart than anything is and not a day passes that my memory takes me back to the good old days at the Grove. When I come back the grove will be the first place I'll head for ads I'll walk straight up the road to some nearby farm and kill a couple of cows and sit me down to feast. That's the way I feel at present. Well, I must break off now, Love to everybody.

Yours as ever,


P.S. Thanks again for the tobacco.