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Date: October 9th 1918
W. L. Broome

Dear Mother -

Just a few lines to let you know I am well hoping this will find you're all the Same I received your letter some time ago I haven't wrote much lately but I will try and get started again I suppose the thrashing will soon be over now what kind of a crop did Jim have this year and Ducan I supposed he's pileing up the money the old tight wad It's a wonder he don't get [?] Turtles are doing [?] pretty near time [?] Bob was Cutting That out don't you think So. That's were Harry Is hanging out I thought there was some thing In Moose-Jaw that was drawing his attention Well Mother I'll tell you one thing Its not a very health experience out here but I could tell you lots If I was back home lets hope It wont be long fore I have had all the experience I want for the rest of My life I will send you some more pictures when I get my leave and also some pos[?] they sure have lots [?] post-Card In Engl[?] would like to be back there now and have a ride on dads Car I Geuss It does make a big difference to the days work alright.

Has Lawrence Mead got back Yet he was luky he did'nt have to come all the way for Its no Bon out here the only time I ever liked the army was when I was on leave and you don't get much of that out here. Does Sid Jennings be around Bethune much and how does he like the Flying-Core Is Nelly Richardson still with you Say Who Is Lornie his girl Well Mother I wish I did have the phonograph here It would be alright here I am writting this letter down In a German tunnel Its about sixty feet below ground and Its all boarded up In little rooms with big looken glasses on the walls table and chairs Why Its Just like a palace Well I geuss I better close for this time If leave opens up goo I May get mine before a great time say would you mind sending Fifty dollars to Loyds Bank London as soon as possible so I will have It when I get over there I would sooner get

[end of letter is missing]

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Original Scans