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Date: May 19th 1918

Some where In France

Dear Father -

I received your welcome letter yester-day and was glad to hear that your all well as this leaves me [?] very best It did not [?] my last letter long to reach you Just about twenty one days Its seems to take longer for the mail to come this way Yes mother mentioned In her letter about you having rheumatism In your shoulder I have been having light touches of It myself for a while this Spring but nothing to speak of I was Inoculated the other day again the first one Ive had since I left the peg I was dodging them but I though I wa better with It as It keeps away all sickness now Lornies letter did'nt go estray I received It a [?] or so ago I Answered It [?] It was a nice raise [?] wadges You got but as you say It don't compare with the cost of living If they had of got that three or four years ago It would have been more like It I believe the farm Is the only place now and for a long time after this war Is over to What was the trouble with Emerson I shouldend of thought he would be turned down I should say your place Is at homedon't you ever think of leaving I know you would like to come alright but Its not possible I Guess ther'll be quiet a few like Sid I don't believe I could be contented myself now but I emag[?] that civilian clothes wo[?] look good to me now for a change I am beginning to think that I would have been further ahead if I had of stuck to the three years that I Joined up with at first with the Strathcona's the way thing are looking now. Yes I had an Idea that It was May Bell that Jim married but I was'nt sure Yes you bet the Scotch are allright I think If I get another leave I will go and see Scottland That fast time will be alright at night but oh you morning Farrell's boy must of start[?] to grow at last he was [?] the same size the last time I saw him as the first Duncan was after Fergison to buy the home stead when I was there a half Is enough for him anyhow has Jim got any more then the quarter yet I forgot to mention the weather Its simply grand the nicest Winter and spring that the boys has had In France Well I guess this Is all for this time write soon soon to your loving son


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