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Date: June 28th 1918
W. L. Broome

June 28th 1918

Dear Mother -

Just a few lines In Answere to your welcome letter I received yester-day glad to hear that you are all well as I am quiet well myself at present I heard that you were having a very cold spring It genearly Is back ward when the snow goes early It Is fine here It Isnt as hot as you have It In Sask but the days are clear a warm and cool evenings every day the same for about two months now the Cherrys are getting ripe now. In the gardens some of witch the people have left close to the line so you may be sure we have a feed I did write to Lornie some time ago Who Is that old Mr Reid that died was It that Nurse Reids father that bought Chester Gilliuses house. I did'nt think that Fitzpatrick was that kind of a man neither but Its quiet commen Now adays may be he drowned him self If not he may turn up yet. Yes I don't like the Idea of Jacks having Hildia either but you know what she Is I thought It was the quickest way to settle It for I did'nt wont to hear no more about It I had another letter from her a week ago She sent me a picture of Hildia She Is looking fine and growing well It sure made me lonesome for I would Just love to see her once again that Is just the time I like kiddies best when they are learning to talk and walk but we can only live In hopes of seeing her some time It may be another three years but we'll have to cheer up and wait She says She did'nt get nothing from Bob Jack for the horse I did nt figure she would for his no good for anything She says she has put two hundred In the bank for me that's all right If she leaves It thers but I don't figure on It being very safe there Its to easy got out but cant help It anyhow I guess. She has got the remainder from October to present for I got my book balanced and Defered pay was nil I have about fifty dollars balance avallable to draw up to present when I get leave off I ever do I don't think I will go to England for leave when I do I'll stay on this side of the Canal till the war Is over the

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