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Date: August 5th 1917

Lord Strathconas Horse
Somerset Barracks
Shorncliffe Kent England
August 5th 1917

Dear Brother -
I received your card a short time ago and was glad to hear from you This leaves me quite well hoping you are the same I answered mothers letter a few days ago but didn't get dads yet I told mother In her letter that I was sending her a couple of snap-shots but I for got to put them In so I will send them to you and you can give them to her It was raining last Tuesday when I wrote last and It never stop't till Saterday first long rain We've had all sumer the crops are looking pretty poor there all laying down from the rain I had a Shake hands with Breeze that youst to work In Bethune Bank last night down In Folkstone he Is a Corp'rl now hes station Just a mile or so from here I expect to go to France before long I hope so any way for I am sick of this burg all the returned Strathes say they would sooner be In France then here the way I look at It the sooner I get there the sooner Ill get out of this bloody army I did'nt get this letter finished yesterday so will try and get It a way tonight I am riding every day now I'll be able to ride anything after I get out of this outfit you should see what we have to go over as many as six jumps all In a line all the way from three to five feet. I was on stable pickeot last night the nights are pretty cool here for to have to sleep out side I was talking to the McAree boys tonight there both looking well. Well Lornie you're a lucky boy I wish I was working on a farm back at dear old Bethune well as there's not much news to tell and It getting dark I geuss I will close for this time so good bye write as often as you can to

Your loving brother
Lester Broome

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Original Scans