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Date: May 25th 1916

May 25th 1916
S.W. Ball No. 436971
M.G.S. 51st Bat.
Bramhott Camp
Hants. England

Dear Uncle Sam:-

I thought I would write a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. We are at a shooting range at Longmor just now. I should have written before but I thought it was no use of me writing when Bert was writing to you. I haven't heard from home yet.

I have been pretty well since we left Edmonton. We had a long ride on the train but I liked it all right. Saskatchewan and Manitoba was most all level prairie and was about a foot of snow on the ground when we came through. We followed Lake Superior around for a long ways but it was froze over. We didn't see much of Ontario but hills and rocks. We stopped at Montreal for a few hours. We stayed at Halifax for ten days. It is a pretty tough place.

We had a fine voyage coming over. We came over on the Missanabie and it is a small boat but a pretty nice one. I wasn't a bit sea-sick all the way over. When they got to England we got on a little toy train and it took it about twelve hours to get to Liphook the nearest station to camp. England is a very pretty country and there is villages all around the camp. Our camp is only forty-three miles from London.

The M.G.S has been quarentined for measles for two weeks but there was only one fellow got them. When they let us out they gave us all a week end pass and the most of us went to London. Bert and I went around together and it is some city.

How are things getting along out there? I suppose the crops are all up. I will close for this time hoping you are well as this leaves me.

From your loving Nephew,